Important notice: end of service

We're proud to have provided the Audello functionality to you all for the best part of a decade.

Whilst Audello was removed from sale (as a one-time priced product) to the public years ago, the platform had continued to be provided in some capacity for free, to its users.

However, after almost 9 years, Audello has been shut down as of July 1st 2024.

Thank you for using our product over the years. It's been our pleasure to develop a platform that received such glowing feedback from you all.

The Audello team

As of July 1st 2024, all Audello services have ended.

Please note, Audello never provided hosting services. As such, audio files in your Amazon S3 storage, Libsyn and/or SoundCloud hosting should remain in that storage after Audello shuts down.

Whilst we have not provided support for Audello since it was removed from sale, any service-related (Amazon S3, Libsyn, SoundCloud) queries can be directed to their relevant support teams.